Updated on 25th January 2024

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To be featured on this website a VPN provider must:

  •  Keep your browsing completely private – this is 2024 after all.
  • Offer simple access to geographically restricted content on Netflix, iPlayer, HULU etc
  • Help you to easily torrent and P2P file transfer completely anonymously
  • Have support for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android as standard
All VPNs tested on:

Best Value VPN


Superb value for money from just $3.49 per month, NordVPN provides excellent speeds and fantastic support – A great all rounder at an unrivaled bargain price.


Fewer options and a smaller network than Express or Nord - but amazing value at $80 lifetime membership and great for beginners

How we rate our VPNs

With hundreds of VPNs available nowadays, choosing which one to buy can be tough. Thankfully, VPNDecider has done the hard work for you by reviewing various VPN providers through a series of rigorous tests that put each VPN service through its paces.


Firstly, we check out the company’s stance on data-logging, which involves thoroughly analysing its privacy policy along with their terms and conditions. After this point, we then begin to consider other vital aspects such as pricing, customer service, performance, ease of use, alongside many other factors.


While conducting our tests, we take a hands-on approach to provide a rating for each factor out of 10 – an accurate representation of our experience using the service. It’s because of this we’re able to give an honest, unbiased, and impartial review of every VPN that we test.


Our commitment is to provide you with accurate, reliable, and up-to-date information so that you can make an informed decision before buying a VPN. That way, you’ll know for sure which service ticks all the boxes and provides you with the features you need to keep yourself safe and secure while using the web.


We thoroughly test and review every feature for each VPN provider featured on our site


Nobody has time for a complicated setup process or a lengthy installation procedure - so we value simplicity highly in our review process


A big factor for some, not so much for others - all costs shown on vpndecider.com are genuine and 100% transparent

User Support

When things go wrong it's important that support is easily accessible, friendly and fast - we'll tell you when its not.


Our ratings are not driven by who pays us the most to send them your business - we rank VPNs by their quality alone.

Best per category


Frequently asked questions

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a piece of software that you can use to enhance your online security and privacy. Encrypting your online communications when connected to a network, a VPN effectively masks your location, keeps your data safe and secure, while preventing any third parties from snooping in on your activity as you go about your online life.

With cybercrime continually rising and prying eyes lurking around pretty much every corner of the web, the need to protect yourself online is greater than ever before. So, if you’re looking to keep your private data safe, it’s highly recommended that you invest in a VPN. If you’re not sure which one to go for, then VPNDecider is here to help with our in-depth reviews of VPN providers.


One thing to note is that VPNs aren’t all created equal. What this means is that each one differs in many ways, such as its price, security & privacy features, and level of customer service. These are all important considerations when choosing a VPN, so you mustn’t jump the gun and purchase the first one that you come across.


Other important considerations include what speeds the VPN can offer, how many servers it has, whether it supports torrenting/P2P and its ease of use. But since everyone’s needs are different, you should make a list of the features that are the most important to you before buying a VPN.

When it comes to choosing a VPN, there are both free and paid versions at your disposal. Which one you go for is entirely dependent on your needs. Free VPNs are generally more suitable for those who only perform basic web tasks or don’t spend much time online, as free services usually come with restrictions such as time or bandwidth limits, lack of server choice, among other things.


Paid services, on the other hand, are generally the way forward due to them having a higher number of servers, unlimited bandwidth, and protection for more than one device. And with many high-quality paid VPNs available for a low monthly fee, you don’t have to break the bank to keep yourself protected.

Streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video restrict your access to content based on your geographical location. So, if you’re looking to bypass these restrictions, you’ll need a VPN. Thankfully, many VPN providers work for this purpose, allowing you to access all your favourite content from wherever you are.

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